• Ammonium Sulphamate Crystals

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      Pure crystals of ammonium sulfamate for use as a compost accelerator and for breaking down tough weed

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    • As a flame retardant
    • Ammonium sulfamate is used as a compost accelerator. It is especially effective in breaking down the tougher and woodier weeds put onto the compost heap.
    • As a reagent in laboratories.
    • As a plasticiser
    • Used in the printing industry
    • In electro-plating
    • As a herbicide (outside the EU) – Ammonium Sulphamate was once considered to be particularly useful in controlling tough woody weeds, tree stumps and brambles. However in 2008 the EU removed its approval as a registered herbicide and therefore it can no longer be advertised or sold explicitly for this purpose.  We therefore do not sell ammonium sulphamate for this purpose. Its availability and use as a compost accelerator is unaffected by the EUs pesticide legislation.

    To use as a compost accelerator:

    Apply either by adding crystals directly onto compost or as a solution containing 200g of ammonium sulphate per litre of water. Treated compost should not be used for at least 3 months to allow sufficient time for the ammonium sulphamate to break down.

    For improving the rotting of dead tree stumps drill holes in the stump before applying the crystals.

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