• Astroclean Astroturf and Artificial Lawn Cleaner

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      Cleans disinfects and deodorises astro-turf, artificial grass, 3G pitches and other synthetic playing surfaces

    • Cleans, Deororises, Disinfects and Removes Algae and Slime
    • Safe to use on Astroturf, Synthetic lawns and 3G pitches
    • Use on tennis courts, bowling greens, sports pitches etc
    • Concentrated Formula – Dilutes up to 1:10 with water.
    • Not only smells great but removes the cause of bad odours.
    • Available in 2 great fragrances – Freshly Cut Grass or Lavender 

    Using modern surface-active biocidal technology, this product kills mildew, mould, fungus and algae as well as the spores that lead to new growth which keeps your surfaces cleaner for longer. It is specially designed for use on artificial grass, Astroturf, 3G and 4G pitches but can also be used on adjoining paths, tarmac and any other outdoor hard surfaces for all-round cleaning.

    We have developed a concentrated solution which should be diluted with water before use. For general treatment of algae etc, add 9L of water to 1L of product (1:9 dilution rate), or for more heavy duty tasks use at a dilution of 1:4. This means that each jar will make up to 50L of ready to use treatment. We recommend a treatment rate of 3-5sqm per Litre of RTU meaning a total coverage per jar of up to 250 sq m. For best results make sure all surfaces are properly soaked!

    Application couldn’t be more simple. Give the surface a quick brush to remove any surface debris. Then simply dilute, apply and leave to work. The process should start within a couple of days and will continue to clean and clear surfaces for several weeks to months afterwards. Surfaces can be brushed to remove dead materials.

    Eg. For treating a 3G Five-A-Side Pitch: The average five a side 3G pitch is roughly 500 m sq in area. Diluting the product at the recommended level of 10% (1:9) and spraying at about 5 sq m per litre you will require 2x5L Jars to complete the job.

    AstroClean does not contain bleach or caustic, and while animals and children should not be present during treatment, they can be reintroduced to treated areas as soon as they have dried.

    For best results, apply AstroClean in dry weather, when no rain is expected. Apply with a low pressure sprayer  or watering-can.

    Not for use on natural grass lawns or in ponds/aquariums.

    Helpful Tips

    Wear gloves and read safety information before use.  Avoid spraying near face or eyes. Cover water-butts and ponds before use. Treat the entire surface evenly. Keep pets and children away from treated areas until treatment is complete and surfaces are dry.

    This product is not suitable for use on real lawns or flowerbeds as it will kill vegetation.  It is harmful to aquatic plants and animals.  Run-off should be prevented from entering ponds and water-butts.

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    1L, 5L, 2x5L, 4x5L


    Freshly Cut Grass, Lavender


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